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A very special thank you to all those who have provided translations so far:

Language Credit Status
French Quentin FILLOU Complete
Polish Malware1 Complete
Russian Перевод – Complete
Portuguese (Brazilian) Igor Rückert Complete
Vietnamese Chu Mạnh Bảo Complete
Persian (Farsi) kia.mmd Complete
Arabic AbdulRahman bin Saud Complete
Hungarian Zsolt “lostprophet” Brechler Complete
Spanish CriiSTiaN Complete
Turkish Ramazan ŞEN Complete
Japanese DukeDog Complete
Indonesian Danni Complete
Hindi Franz Complete
Italian Paolo Santini Complete
Dutch Caly B.C. (A father who wanted to help his daughter) Complete
Chinese (simplified) ArianeLu Complete
Kurdish Younis Hsmat Complete
German shojo & t-ryder Complete

How to create a new language

If you would like to see Download Ninja in your language and want to help, you can create translation file from within the program and and test it without the program having to be recompiled!

From within the program (build 21 or above) click on Settings and next to English in the Interface Language section click on the settings Gear to open the language editor.

Create a new language

  • With the language editor open click on the NEW button to create a new language
  • Enter the name of the language (i.e. Spanish)
  • Enter the local name (i.e. Español).
  • Press the SAVE button to update language with the new name

Set the app language

Back in the main Download Ninja window you should now see your new language in the Interface Language combo box. Select the language you just created.

Start adding translations!

The translation file currently consists of 300+ text strings that need translating into the destination language. If a value does not have a translation Download Ninja will use the default (English) value.

NOTE: Some of the default (English) text have embedded place holders such as {0} or {1}.. this is where some other text will be inserted by the code, such as queue name, error code etc.. if you are in doubt about what any of them mean please ask at

Update the Interface

You can see the translation in progress by clicking on the Save button from time to time, this will not only save your work but also update the main interface with any translations that you have added.

Export the file

Once you are happy with the translation click on the Export button and save the file to your hard drive. Once exported send us the file to and we’ll check it over. Once we are happy it will be added as an embedded language inside NDM.

Email me the file!

Send me a quick email to including the translation file and we will add it to the next build.